West Central Georgia Erosion Problem and Drainage Issues Solutions in South Atlanta Suburbs & Beyond

Moser Landscaping has been helping our customers with solving drainage and erosion issues in the south Atlanta suburbs and beyond, including Peachtree City, Senoia, McDonough, Macon, Newnan, Fayetteville, Forsyth, Locust Grove, Hampton, and Stockbridge, since 1987. Do you have a west central Georgia location with a drainage issue or erosion problem that needs a professional solution? From smaller water issues to major storm-water problems, Moser Landscaping can solve your property's drainage issues. We provide a thorough explanation and free estimate prior to beginning the project.

We have many different solutions and used several different kinds of material to solve drainage and erosion issues. One option we offer is decorative rocks. With the use of decorative rocks placed strategically with proper ground preparation, the erosion problem is solved. If you do not want to invest as much, silt fencing is an option. It is priced by the foot, and may not be as attractive as the decorative rocks, but it is much less expensive. There is always sod or hydro-seeding to control erosion, and this technique works very well. A silt pond may be what you had in mind to solve your erosion issues. Sometimes with excessive water this is a must. Landscaping alone with trees and shrubs can greatly improve an erosion problem.

Get your lawn back, call Moser Landscaping today and let us solve your drainage or erosion problems once and for all!

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