West Central Georgia Sod & Turfgrass Installation in South Atlanta Suburbs & Beyond

Grass Varieties
Zoysia: Known as the premier sod, slow growing, fine-textured, dense resistant to weeds, tolerates high traffic, dormant in winter, comes in 3 varieties- myers, emerald, and el-toro, requires 5-6 hours/day of sunlight.

Bermuda: Most popular, spreads rapidly, discourages weeds, needs less water, dormant in winter, requires 10-12 hours/day of sunlight.

Fescue: Fast growing, green year round, most tolerant to shady areas, does not spread, requires 4-5 hours/day of sunlight.

Centipede: Low maintenance, resistant to weeds, not traffic tolerant, course in texture, not as green as other grasses, requires 7-8 hours/day of sunlight.

St. Augustine: Needs warmer temperatures, susceptible to some pests, requires less mowing, requires 7-8 hours/day of sunlight.
Moser Landscaping installs high quality fresh cut sod and turfgrass from reputable dealers, in the south Atlanta suburbs and beyond, including Peachtree City, Senoia, McDonough, Macon, Newnan, Fayetteville, Forsyth, Locust Grove, Hampton, and Stockbridge. With the installation of a sod yard, a customer will have an instant beautiful lawn. Turfgrass or sod is available in several varieties, including Zoysia, Bermuda, Fescue, Centipede, and St. Augustine.

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